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Tuesday, October 22, 2019
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Surgery Time.
By Pastor Dennis Felder
As I write this article, I have been witnessing a miraculous healing.
As many of you know, my sister, Tammie, underwent a heart valve replacement at Washington Hospital Center.
For some time, she knew that she would have to face a very invasive surgery.
As the days got closer and closer to September 19th, reality began to take hold.
As you can imagine, her nerves were heightened, anxiety would rise, but her faith was never shaken.
She had no doubt that she was truly in the hands of the Great Physician.

Although she prayed that God would miraculously restore her heart to normal, He had a different plan instore for her.
In reality, God’s perfect plan was that she experience the pain and discomfort of surgery.
Now, you might be thinking. Why would a loving God allow me to experience pain?
Well, the answer is quite simple. He wants to better us.
You see, pain is often the precursor for healing.

When we go through spiritual pain, it may be an indication that Christ is doing some delicate surgery with our lives.
He wants to lovingly cut away that which is causing us problems and hindering us from fulling our purpose.
Surgery is not a pleasant process, but sometimes it’s what needed.
Our Lord understands the trauma of surgery, but He reassures that we will be healed (Jeremiah 30:17a – “But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds,” declares the Lord.).

Therefore, instead of fighting or resisting the spiritual surgery that we need, let us submit to the miraculous hands of the Great Physician, Jesus Christ.
It’s surgery time!