Upper Seneca Baptist Church
Thursday, May 13, 2021
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Until Further Notice
By Pastor Dennis Felder
Due to the recommendations of the CDC and the State of Maryland, Upper Seneca Baptist Church has decided to suspend all church activities until further notice.
This will include worship services, Sunday School, all Wednesday night Bible Studies, and all additional church sponsored activities.

The purpose of taking this step is to adhere to the recommendations of the CDC and other governmental agencies, to follow the recommendations of the medical community, and to help minimize the risk and exposure of the coronavirus for ourselves, for our church family, and for our community.

So, what does this mean for the church?
Although we are making this shift in how we do ministry at USBC, we will also be providing some great opportunities to connect with each other during this transition. Since we want to adhere to “social distancing” protocols, the church will be implementing new methods to connect with each other.

Keep Connected by Phone
Social Media – Video devotions, informational videos, and miscellaneous videos will be created and posted on the church’s website (www.usbchurch.org), Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/usbchurch/), and other media platforms such as YouTube.
Reading Club – A list of books and articles dealing with the Christian faith will be shared on the various media platforms that are listed above. These materials will be easy to download or we will provide a site where a book or article can be purchased or viewed.
Weekly Sunday School lessons will be electronically sent to your email. Also, the Children’s Lessons will be mailed to each home that has children so that the family can learn these together.

As you can see, USBC will be making some significant adjustments in how we do ministry during this period. Although such changes may be challenging, they can also provide us with a wonderful opportunity to think outside the box. If we accomplish the goals as set forth above, we will connect and reconnect with each other like no time in the life of our church. Think about this! We will be talking, praying, and reaching out to every member of our church family like never before. Although the coronavirus has caused us to change how we do ministry, these changes are affording us a wonderful opportunity to provide care, love, and support in ways that we have never done at USBC. This new structure may be God’s way in opening our hearts and minds to what is really important.

However, if we want our church to remain strong during this time, it will take everyone doing their part. During these unusual times, the church will need volunteers to meet specific needs, we will need to continue to be a praying group of people, and we will need to continue to faithfully support the church financially. This can be done by dropping off your offering, mailing it in, or through online giving (http://www.usbchurch.org/Online%20Giving). We all can make a difference in the lives of others by showing the love of Christ.

Please keep checking the church’s website, emails, mailers, and phone calls for immediate updates and opportunities to participate in future church activities as we conform to “social distancing”.