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Friday, May 27, 2022
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Newsletter June

Vacation Time
By Pastor Dennis Felder
The summer warmth often brings a change in attitude.
One’s attitude changes during the summer because you can taste the sweetness of fresh fruits and vegetables, you can gather with family and friends for an outdoor cookout or picnic, or you can sit by a relaxing poolside and enjoy a refreshing swim.
The warmth of the summer breeze can have a positive and lasting impact on one’s attitude.
Summertime not only influences one’s attitude, the summer season can impact your location.
Summer is the prime time for vacation.
Typically, a vacation is when you leave your home and travel to a different place of adventure for fun and relaxation.
As a matter of fact, many of you may already be planning your summer vacation.
There is a great sense of excitement and anticipation as you get closer to the date marked on your calendar
When that day finally arrives, you gather your suitcases, grab your itinerary, secure your home, and head off to that destination that you have been longing for.
Upon your arrival, your goal for this well needed vacation is to leave behind the stress and worries that had been weighing you down.
Your mindset – “Leave it all behind!”
However, there is one thing that should never be left behind when one goes on vacation and it’s Jesus.
Now, your first thought may be, “I would never leave Jesus behind.
To be honest, it happens a lot and often unintended, but Jesus often becomes the casualty of many vacations.
It is not uncommon that Jesus gets pushed to the side because a vacation is filled with a whirlwind of activities.
These activities can often interfere with spending time with Jesus.
So, let me challenge you to keep Jesus in your next vacation by doing the following:
  • If your vacation takes place on a Sunday, use that Sunday to go to church. It is important to keep a day of worship even though you are on vacation. By worshiping with a new set of fellow believers, it can energize you and provide you with a new perspective on how God speaks and leads.
  • At the beginning or the end of each vacation day, ask yourself this question, “How has God blessed me so far?” It is important to reflect upon how God has been working in your life and this will help develop a heart of thankfulness.
  • While on vacation, take your Bible and find at least one Bible verse to memorize. Remember, the Word of God never comes back void and it will provide you with encouragement and strength to deal with the struggles you may face when you return home.
        So, on your next vacation, make certain that you don’t leave Jesus behind.
                James 4:8aCome near to God and he will come near to you.