Upper Seneca Baptist Church
Saturday, December 05, 2020
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Newsletter November

By Pastor Dennis Felder
As we approach the November 3rd election, we are told that we need to select a particular person to lead our country. We are called to thoroughly investigate the person’s policies, their platform, their past shortcomings, and their future promises.
There seems to be an attitude that if we carefully select the right person in this coming election, then our nation will be saved. Yes, the person that is selected in this coming election can change the direction of this great nation.
However, any candidate that we select will be flawed.
There is no perfect candidate running for office because we all fall short.

Therefore, there is another election that is taking place right now that will ultimately have greater consequences in your life than our national election. This important choice can and will impact your life for all eternity. Your choice will dictate how you will live your life. The decision that you make will tell the world who your allegiance is to. This one vote will change your life forever.
In the end, this will be the greatest decision that you will ever make.
The one who is courting your vote is JC.
JC has been on the ballot since the miraculous creation of Adam and Eve. While in the Garden of Eden, they too had to cast a life changing vote. Their choice involved picking good over evil and life over death. Today, we too are faced with this all-important decision and that is why JC is asking for your vote.

JC has carefully laid out His campaign promises to you. He will love you unconditionally, He will cover you with His grace and mercy, He will forgive you, He will give you peace that passes all understanding, He will give you strength to do all things, He will comfort you in time of need, He will never leave you nor forsake you, He will prepare an eternal home in glory for you, He will rescue you from your enemies, and He will extend His hand of salvation. For a complete list of all of His campaign promises, you can refer to the Holy Book for more details.

So, today, JC (Jesus Christ) is on the campaign trail seeking your vote.
He is tirelessly walking through every community knocking on doors and letting everyone know of His candidacy.
Right now, He is knocking on your door, your heart.
Will you open the door and let Him come in?

Vote for Jesus!