Upper Seneca Baptist Church
Thursday, October 06, 2022
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Sermons by Pastor Dennis Felder
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Blast from the Past is a 4-week sermon series that will go back in time and revisit 4 powerful and inspirational sermons that I shared with the congregation in the past.
The purpose of revisiting these messages is to help us see where we were then and where we are now regarding our commitment to Christ.
Are we still where Christ wants us?
August 7th
Sermon Title:
“Homesick for God”
Scripture: Luke 15:3-7
Synopsis: As Christians, we can experience the effects of homesickness when we long to once again have an intimate and personal walk with Christ. It is time to come home.
August 14th
Sermon Title:
“Wasted Days and Wasted Nights”
Scripture: Ecclesiastes 10:18
Synopsis: Laziness is a very destructive force in the life of a Christian. This lackadaisical behavior often starts outward and quickly moves inward. Physical laziness can easily lead to spiritual laziness.

August 21st
Sermon Title:
“Responding to God’s Call”
Scripture: Isaiah 6:5-11
Synopsis: God calls each believer into service. This calling can be challenging at times, but it is always rewarding.

August 28th
Sermon Title:
“I Don’t Have to Attend Church”
Scripture: Hebrews 10:23-25
Synopsis: It is vital to understand the value of the church. Without this perspective, a Christian will often neglect the church and in turn miss the opportunity to experience worship at its fullest.
If you want to listen to a past sermon, follow this link: Http:www.usbchurch.org/sermons Archives