Upper Seneca Baptist Church
Saturday, November 18, 2017
Our Mission: To Re-Present Jesus Christ In Our Community And Beyond

Dive Deeper Study

Date: Sunday, November 26, 2017
Time: 12:30 PM -
Location: USBC Bible Study room

Dive Deeper Bible Study
On November 26th at 12:30 pm at the church, we will have our monthly bible study: Dive Deeper.
Lunch will be served for all participants.
Topic:  “Life on Other Planets”
Our next Dive Deeper Bible Study on Sunday, November 26th will be entitled, "Life on Other Planets".
During our study, we will discuss the possibility if human life can or does exist on other planets.  If human life does exist on other planets, there are numerous Biblical questions that will surface.
First, does the Bible address the fact that life can exist on other planets?
Second, does the saving grace of Christ's sacrifice on planet earth cover their sins?
Third, could God provide another form of atonement for people on other planets?
Fourth, when Christ returns to rule on earth, will others on different planets be left out?
Last, do Christians have an obligation to carry out the Great Commission to other planets?
Questions, such as these, will be addressed at our next Dive Deeper Bible Study.
So, please make every effort to be in attendance.

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